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ABS-2 75.0°E

11508 V 3100
MIR Service ABS-2

CW: 4C55CB6C34F39EC5

For SoftCam.Key
F 06A406A5 00 4C55CB6C34F39EC5 ;MIR Service ABS-2 (75.0°E)
F 06A406A5 01 4C55CB6C34F39EC5 ;MIR Service ABS-2 (75.0°E)

ABS, short for Asia Broadcast Satellite, is a Bermuda-based administrator of correspondence satellites. Its administrations incorporate satellite-to-home and satellite-to-digital TV appropriation, cell administrations, and web administrations. The organization built up media communications arranges in Africa, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. The administration right now covers 80% of the populace in the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and Commonwealth of Independent States.[1] The organization means to grow their satellite armada by two, from six correspondence satellites to eight satellites, in 2015. As of March 2015, one of the two arranged satellites has propelled, and is as of now moving to the objective circle.

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